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$URS Token

The URS Token will be used for all the applications that will be created on this project ecosystem. There will be a total amount of 500.000.000 $URS Tokens and no additional token minting or releases will take place.

Token Info



  • Tax buy/sell (6% / 6%);
  • Anti Bot;
  • Anti Whale.
All token distribution will be according to the following vesting schedule:
Liquidity will be released all on listing and the rest locked in TGE with severe vesting in order not to be dumped in the market. All Stakeholders will have their locked token frozen on chain for everyone to see.

Token Sales

We are going to conduct our token sale (20.000.000 $URS Tokens) using a P2P sale in order to fund URUS liquidity pool and conduct buybacks worth 25% of raised funds.
To make sure our early investors are well compensated, we are going to list the token at 0.005$ valuing the entire project at only 2.5M giving it plenty of space to grow.
The team will use 50% of raised funds to liquidity in pancake swap (and later URUS SWAP), and the remaining 50% to use for marketing and project development (including buybacks
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