The staking will work through our dashboard, with a simple user interface, and workflow, so anyone without any technical knowledge can start to stake their URS and start to earn token rewards, and access their tiers for the following project benefits:
  • High APY Staking Pools;
  • Access a URUS Tier;
  • No trading fees in our DEX;
  • Wallet Beta Testers;
  • No fees on FIAT-ON/OFF-RAMP;
  • Metal URUS Card Waitlist.

Urus Tiers

We specifically designed the tiers to benefit the entire URUS ecosystem investors, big and small, with a low barrier to enter into the first and second tier. Large shareholders are incentivized to stake into the upper tiers yielding higher benefits and creating less price volatility for all holders.
  • Bronze - 10.000 URS Staking Requirement
  • Silver - 25.000 URS Staking Requirement
  • Gold - 50.000 URS Staking Requirement