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Before you proceed to any other section of this document, we urge you to read this disclaimer, understand it and its meaning, thank you.
This portion is designed in a simplified manner to aid ease of comprehension for anyone who reads it. Relevant information in relation to our platform will be elaborated upon thus providing insight on the choice to make as regards the Urus project.
The information presented and provided in this document are not provided as a means of solicitation or a contractual relationship of any kind. It does not constitute a prospectus and does not provide a means for buying securities in any way possible. This platform does not provide protection to any individual and all supporting documents have been written ‘as is’ for providing information in all necessity.
There shall be no warranties provided by us regarding this project and its connected services. This is a project under development, some of the estimates and projections made may be future statements that currently have not been brought into realization. These projections might be speculative, uncertain and may bring about differences between documented facts and real-life events.
All information provided in this whitepaper and its connected services, supportive documents and website cannot be declared historical facts but due to the nature of the project, these declarations are based on assumptions and total accuracy of prediction may not be fully guaranteed.
Consultation between you and your legal guardian is highly advised before venturing into cryptocurrency of any kind. This will help provide insight to avoiding penalties from the government and give better explanation needed before buying digital currency. The token sales and general cryptocurrency transactions on our platform will only be made available to those who are legally qualified to purchase and hold cryptocurrency in their country.
Always ensure to understand the law of the land regarding digital currency before initiating a purchase. Ineligibility to hold cryptocurrency will most likely mean that it may be an offense to also buy cryptocurrency so we strongly advise you to make necessary findings and be aware of your status regarding this.
Suppose you purchase our cryptocurrency without following the said rules applicable to you regarding cryptocurrency utilization in your area of residence, you risk legal actions being taken against you and this might incur heavy fines or more extreme penalties being passed against you. In such a situation, neither Urus executives nor its team members will claim liability on your behalf as prior warning has been given in relation to understanding the guidelines concerning purchasing and holding digital currency.
Negative consequences that may come about will be the responsibility of the user and if purchases are made under illegal circumstances, confiscation of digital currency or more extreme legal consequences may come about. On this account we would like to let you know that whatever action and steps you take concerning Urus will be at your risk and discernment.
All information provided here has been reviewed by our team members and we have deemed it fit to be accurate to the best of our knowledge, however, acting upon the information provided on this document and its supportive services means that you are aware of the various risks that may befall cryptocurrencies and you fully understand them. If you do not understand the risks that come along with the buying of cryptocurrency, we suggest you make your findings and fully understand these risks before buying as they can be numerous and for brevity this document will not be discussed extensively.
Some of the risks however that befall digital currency will be discussed below;
• Technical difficulties may occur and may result in downtime during transaction processing which might at that moment be temporarily beyond us. During a period of downtime, users might experience issues with processing transactions.
• Security risks may also surface as users are required to secure their wallet information. If a user does not take precautionary measures before accessing his portal, private information could get stolen or leaked along with other relevant data and as such unauthorized access could be gained into the individual's account and funds may get carted away with. Security risks can range from exploitable server vulnerabilities, malware attacks and providing sensitive information to third party personnel. The Urus team shall not be held responsible for losses or damages incurred as a result of falling victim to the various risks and uncertainties associated with the purchase of our cryptocurrency.
The information provided here may be subject to translations from time to time and translation of this document, website and other services connected to this project may be made available in other languages asides the original (English). If a dispute arises as a result of inconsistencies in other versions or translations of this document, the English version shall be used as final reference.
All announcements regarding our project and its relevant documents including this whitepaper will be made available on our website and our official social media platforms. You are urged to discard external and unverified information from other sources unless the credibility of the information or the source is confirmed by us through an official medium of communication like our website or from our representatives.
By reading this disclaimer, you expressly agree that you comply with all that has been stated and will comply strictly to them to the fullest extent applicable by the law and will totally comply with the terms and conditions laid down.
Note: In various aspects of this document, the abridged version (URS) of Urus is used extensively, they mean the same and should not be confused for something else.